Creative Arts Academy course consists of three terms that focus on growing a worshipper in skills; ranging from creative, ministerial, technical, leadership and character. Throughout the year students gain practical equipping and experience, which we constantly evaluate for further improvement and maturity.

The student will major in a specific art form and will have the majority of their creative expression in these majors but will also have minor subjects. This ensures that the students have a broad range of exposure to the different art forms.

The major subjects CAA currently offers are

  • Music (Instrument and vocal training, songwriting, recording)
  • Dance (Dance training in different genres, choreography, IDTA qualification)
  • Media (Mostly focussing on videography, but also emphasising photography and graphic designing)

Each individual is unique, so too is each group of students and as such the course is tailored to the dynamics of each group, and will adapt as the year progresses. An example course outline is listed below;


First term – Preparing the worshipper 

Building the worshiper in two areas, spiritually and practically, building a foundation of music/dance/media, expanding students their capacity
  • Leadership Training School
  • Biblical understanding of Sonship and Kingdom
  • Biblical foundations
  • Freedom in Christ
  • Biblical Worship
  • Created in the image of a Creative God
  • Music Theory Basics
  • Workshops and periodic one to one tuition in major subjects (Music/Dance/Media)
  • Creative Processing (e.g. Songwriting/Choreography/Story boarding)
  • Photography and software
  • Videography and software
  • Graphic designing and software


Second Term- the worshipper in practice

Community projects, performances and studio application and musicianship
  • Biblical Worship II
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sound engineering (studio and live)
  • Lighting
  • Multimedia
  • Acting
  • Marketing
  • CD recording/dance DVD/Short film projects
  • Small Group Worship Leading – Band dynamics
  • Basic dance teaching skills
  • Project management
  • Fundraising and Performance preparation
  • Community project preparation and implementation


Third term – The Influential Worshipper 

Leading others in teams, missions, preparing for life
  • Missions training and preparations
  • Local and international missions
  • Schools work
  • Working in team
  • Leading a worship team
  • End of year concert and CD, DVD or short film


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