Practical Training

You will receive practical training in media/dance/instrument tuition, performance skills, tour/mission preparation and planning, as well as serving in the worship/dance/media ministry within Jubilee Church. Music students will gain precious hands-on experience in writing, producing and recording their own songs and creating their own 4 track CD. Dance students will attain experience in choreographing, working in a team and producing their own instructional dance DVD. Apart from adding all the different media projects to your portfolio, media students will have the opportunity to write and create their own short film.

Discipleship and mentoring

The live-in aspect of Creative Arts Academy is key to the holistic development of your life, allowing relationships to be built and worked out in a family-setting. Living with course mentors allows accountable relationships to develop, as well as enabling life coaching and spiritual guidance. Community living also teaches practical life skills and teamwork development in a dynamic, encouraging, and fun environment.

Affecting community

We have an expression: ‘God’s got more than you on His mind’. The essence of this core value means that we are developed and equipped to make a difference to the world around us. To freely give of what God has given to us and to learn to serve others, is linked to our purpose and the life that pushes forward the Kingdom of God. Therefore, our students are involved with schools work, holiday clubs, fashion shows, and various performance opportunities inside and outside the church building.

Leading others

All of the transformation and illumination you receive is honed into leading others into the presence of God and being a champion of praise! With deeper understanding of God, you will learn to tune into His Spirit, and how to work with others in a variety of projects/performances! Team building, leading, and group dynamics experience helps you become a more effective worshipper to impact this generation with God’s presence!

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