Student Testimonies

Belgium Emma Vanhyfte – Belgium
Emma VanhyfteComing into CAA for a second year, God spoke to me quite a few times that this was going to be a year of growth, stretching, maturing and all of those other words that might sound daunting sometimes. And it has been. But above and through it all, God has shown me once again how He is totally and utterly faithful. There hasn’t been one time where He hasn’t been right there to lift me up; to turn me around; to hold me closely. At the start of this new journey, He has brought me straight to where it all begins – falling in love with Him. And from this place, I know there won’t be a thing too big, too wide, too hard; because I know the One Who is bigger than the universe, Whose love for me is wider than the oceans wide and in Whom all things are possible.

United Kingdom Ching-Hang Cheung – UK
Ching YangOne thing I’ve learnt this year on CAA has been in the area of my performance mentality. I’ve always been a striver and it is because of this that I have struggled with my relationship with Dad. I remember all the dance sessions I’ve had so far and feeling like a failure because I couldn’t catch up with the group. It felt as if no matter what I did, it would just all go wrong. But then maybe God wants to show me that nothing I do could make Him love me less or love me more. I am my Father’s daughter. I am not an orphan. I belong to Him and no one else. He wants all of my heart, not just the remains. Even though I still have a way to go when it comes to truly knowing Him, I won’t stop until I get there.

Belgium Hanne Deweer – Belgium
Hanne DeweerWow, time really flies by quickly… It seems like only yesterday when I was on the ferry waiting to arrive in England. In the last 2 months I’ve experienced such spiritual growth in my life and a changing of my attitude. God showed me during this course that I can just be myself and that I do not have to be scared of being me. He’s showing me again and again why He gave me the talent and passion of dance and how I can use it for Him.

United Kingdom Jamie Doggett – UK
Jamie DoggettCAA has taught me that my worship for Him wherever I am, whatever the situation is, what’s of value to Him is when my heart is in the right place and I am giving my all.

United Kingdom Martin Revelle – UK
Martin RevelleThis year has been amazing for me so far. I’ve met a lot of great people, learnt about God and about myself. One barrier God has helped me break through was singing in front of people. Before starting the course I had never sung solo on stage in front of anyone. After orientation, the CAA guys had to perform a song in front of the church. Leading up to it I was getting really nervous, but handed it over to God. Before we got on stage, I kept praying, and got less and less nervous. At the point I had to sing, I was filled with the peace of God, and the reassurance in my heart that this was my new family, and this was one of the safest places to step out. I’ve loved every minute, and can’t wait to see what else God’s got in store for me this year!

Zimbabwe Avril Mhunduru – Zimbabwe
Avril MhunduruBefore I did Year of Training last year I felt the Lord impress upon my heart to lay down any music desire, dream or project that I had been working on. I did, but the funny thing was that the more I shied away from music, the more doors and opportunities came my way to work on various projects. So this year I started the course with no big expectations but I came expectant and God is delivering the goods… He has been grooming and growing me in character, in gifting and in musical abilities. He has changed my view of music. I have been learning to see it as a tool he has given me to advance his Kingdom. I am very excited about this year because I know that I am being equipped to do great exploits for Him… and that is the place that I want to be.

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