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What is Jubilee Training Centre?

Jubilee Training Centre (or JTC) was birthed out of a vision to see young people equipped for life and Christian ministry. The JTC is the umbrella which oversees four schools that operate out of Jubilee Church. These schools are: Year of Training, the Creative Arts Academy, School of the Word, and Saturation School of Missions.

What is Year of Training?

Year of Training (YOT) is the most established of the four schools. It is a full time live-in school. Godly character development is our primary purpose with many practical applications to all the theoretical equipping. YOT consists of three major themes, namely understanding “the Kingdom”, walking as a mature son (this is non-specific to gender), serving with excellence. The students leave the year with a Biblical World View with which to judge their life decisions from. This is based on a solid foundation established within them so that they are equipped for life in the best possible way.

What is the Creative Arts Academy?

The Creative Arts Academy is a full-time live-in school. Once again character is at the forefront of the students’ equipping, but the focus is on the theoretical and practical side of music and instrumentation. The students make use of the on-site recording studio and practice facilities. The syllabus includes musical theory and chord structure, basic sound engineering, and upfront musical performance. Students will write, record, produce and design their own CD on the year!

What is Saturation School of Missions?

Saturation School of Missions focuses on rural and urban missions. Its content, to mention a small portion, covers Cross Cultural Communication, understanding world religions, primary healthcare and also continues developing character in the students. The course starts with extensive training in the UK from September to December focusing mainly on theory and local practical application. The students then get the opportunity to be planted in Modimole, South Africa or Reni, Ukraine for a period of six months. From these two bases they will work into the community around them. The students return to the UK in July for a debrief. This year promises to be a massive “eye opener” to third world poverty and being part of Gods solution. This course is reserved for second and third year students.

What is School of the Word?

School of the Word is by far the most different in structure and content to the other three schools! For one, this is a full-time course but is not a ‘live-in’ school. The students attend lectures in the morning and then go home. The content focuses directly on the text, context, history and language of the Bible. During the course of the year, the students will read through the Bible exploring, discovering, analysing and evaluating the text as it is. Each of the 66 books of the Bible will be looked at afresh, with the aim to form a holistic view to the Bible! You will have the opportunity to write your own commentary on the Bible.

What is YEBS?

The Young Entrepreneurs Business School (YEBS) is also very different in structure and content to the other four schools. It is also a full-time course but not a ‘live-in’ school. The students attend lectures in the daytime, following a ‘9-4’ work day. At YEBS, we desire to see a generation rise up within the business field whose motive is not solely for personal gain, but instead one for transformation within their community. The course is designed to help ground men and women in key principles for business and life, providing students with a solid theoretical platform alongside practical equipping in the area of business and entrepreneurship. Our aim is for the school graduates to have gained a springboard into starting their own business or be better equipped to work as part of a team.

Why is the JTC part of a local church?

We believe that local church is the vehicle that God will use to bring His Kingdom to the nations. Therefore it is vital that the students grow to love the local church, and get firmly established in church life. Often students will struggle to fit back into church life especially if they have been at ‘Bible School’ for an extended period of time.

Why ‘live-in’ schools?

Simply, “iron sharpens iron”. There is no place to hide your true character when you are around people 24/7. Building community is a foundation of Christianity; therefore for 10 months you, the students, live in community, and learn how to love, live and grow in various aspects of your character as you live side by side to your fellow students and leaders.

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