We spend the year reading and studying the scriptures by learning the principles and processes of studying the Bible in order to find out what it meant ‘There and Then’ and how it applies ‘Here and Now’.  Because we believe the Bible was written by real people in real places with real problems, we aim to graduate you having a greater understanding of the whole counsel of God, being able to affectively apply it to your life as well as able to teach others how to apply it to theirs.

At the heart of everything we do, spending time together and having fun is crucial and so we both work hard and play hard.  With this in mind, one of our biggest highlights is our visit to Israel where you will have the chance to walk in the very places Jesus walked, experiencing something incredible together as a group!

You will also:

  • Visit the British Museum to look at evidence supporting the Bible
  • Become part of an amazing full day, professional, outdoor production covering the entire book of Luke
  • Learn how to live out the message of the Kingdom to those in need through various community works
  • Learn the basic ‘Principles of Preaching’ and how to effectively communicate His Word to various audiences

At the start of the year we spend 2 weeks on orientation with the first week away as a group. This is an amazing time where friendships are forged and team is built. This first week focuses primarily on relationship building, being real with one another and learning to understand what it means to trust God and to trust each other.  We then spend the second week back in class teaching you the inductive process we use, preparing you to get the most out of the year ahead.

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