Student Testimonies

UK Kim Brandmuller – United Kingdom 
Kim BrandmullerThere is no need for me to strive to make God proud. God is not impressed by my actions, academic achievement, or reputation, but by my heart; how much I love Him and how much I love others. And this will increase as I earnestly seek and get to know Jesus.

South Afriica Caroline Terburgh – South Africa 
Caroline TerburghOne thing I have come to realize is that when you read the Word with an open heart and a desire to know more of God, He jumps with joy at the opportunity to reveal more of His heart and wisdom to you, and gets straight to work in setting you free so that you can help and impart your wisdom to others one day. The freedom and revelation I gained from reading Galatians, (even if it is the only thing I get out of the year), was so worth it. But I know this is certainly not going to be the case because every new book we have read so far has brought each of us such a fresh and greater understanding of how to apply what was written 2000 years ago to our lives today. The gospel or “Good News” really is SCANDALOUS!! It is such a simple message of LOVE that Jesus preached and yet we have complicated it so much that people run a mile when we mention the word “Bible”! I pray we will be Christ’s true ambassadors as we live out the revelations we have received and bring back the GOOD NEWS of unconditional love that the world is dying to here. If only people understood that the Bible is not a boring, dusty old book with “make believe fables” and strict rules that no one can live up to. What a lie from the enemy! Words cannot express my thankfulness to God for revealing such invaluable wisdom to “little old me” which kings and politicians of today would KILL to get their hands on, and yet it is free and available to anyone who asks. Watch this space!

UK Matt Rowbotham – United Kingdom 
Matt RowbothamI never knew God would consume me with so much of His character in a single verse – This year is incredible!

Germany Daniela Helfrich – Germany
Daniela HelfrichSince doing School of the Word I have got to know some really interesting people – I am talking about people who have come as close and as real to me in the last three months as the person with their nose in the bible next to me – people like me, flesh and blood, emotions with bad days, passions and highlights, agony and laughter. For example, this fellow who is absolutely in love with wild churches he has planted all over the place. Where ever he travels new churches pop up just before he is kicked out of their town. Even this new believer messes up big time sometimes after he has left – but he is still as crazy about them as a dad is about his baby girl. This guy goes to the extremes – some would call him a fanatic (not surprising really) – but to get to know him more has just blown me away again and again! Every heartbeat is for the kingdom. Very fascinating to spent time with him – he really inspires me – Paul. Then there are these two other guys. I have hardly noticed them in the past – they run away, possibly facing a death penalty and their boss. Suddenly I can feel the pain, I can relate to their brokenness and struggles. To discover their story makes me want to cry as I realize the power of forgiveness and a new life – Philemon. Then there is this doctor. A man full of compassion for the underdog – a man with an outstanding gift, an encourager and a servant at the same time and with a burning desire to bring the history of the Main Man and His movement on paper, so that none of these precious memories may disappear and not be remembered. A careful investigator, excellent writer – somebody I have gotten to love as I listened to his heart while I worked through the lines of his books – Luke. There are many more, as you know, that I could mention – but of course, more than to get to know these guys, the journey of my life is and will be to meet HIM again and again – the main man – Jesus, God. To study His book and words has become like a door into His home, a hand on His chest to feel the heartbeat, an umbilical cord to feed His life into me. It is not about School of the Word, I know. But it has been a great tool for me to get to know Him more and the people who have His heart and to come closer to understanding Him in a deeper way. There is no way that spending time with Him and these guys will not change me. I know I am and I will be a different person through this.

United Kingdom Nicky Kendall – United Kingdom 
Nikky KendallWhen I applied to do School of the Word I knew a little about the approach – underlining key words and making headings for paragraphs but I had no idea what God would do with that! In the last few months I have read books which I have read before, but it is as if I am reading them for the first time. In each book God is showing me things that I have never seen, shedding a whole new light on a passage. It is as if I have looked on these books from the window of an express train, but now He is taking me on a walking tour through His Word, making me stop and gaze and wonder. If I was under the illusion that I was coming to fill up my head with knowledge about God how wrong I was! At times I have come away with so many questions in my head and I realise how little I have understood before. But as He is gently leading me to go deeper, the more He reveals of Himself, the more I realise there is to know.

Zimbabwe Tony Kettle– Zimbabwe
Tony KettleI previously thought that I knew a lot about the Bible – but SOTW clearly dispelled that illusion. In previous years I completed two separate three-year Bible School courses but their depth and quality were not even close to the attributes inherent in the SOTW course. The way it teaches a totally disciplined approach to Bible study (“rightly dividing the Word”) and the associated character-developing aspects are truly a blessing. Towards the end of the course we studied those minor prophets who were operating at the time the temple was in ruins and needed rebuilding. This part really reinforced my understanding of why I was at SOTW. God no longer dwells in temples made with hands because we are now the temple of the Holy Spirit. However, sometimes these “temples” break down in various ways and need ‘rebuilding.’ That was certainly my life before coming here. Thank God for the dedicated ‘master builders’ and ‘restorers’ you have in SOTW and the broader Jubilee leadership.

United Kingdom Deb Jensen – United Kingdom

debBefore starting School of the Word I was told that the power of the Word could bring change and would heal things from my past. And that is exactly what the Word is doing. It’s a process that is not just about reading the Bible but about making it real in my life.  It’s making Jesus real to me and I’m building a real intimate love for Him. I knew Him before but from a distance. Now I’m starting to know Him so much more intimately than I could ever imagine. So far He has brought healing, brought godly order in my life and my family’s lives and brought a confidence in myself. If you want to fall more in love with Jesus then a year in the Word is a powerful way to achieve that.

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