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I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels – a plentiful harvest of new lives.

John 12:24 (NLT)

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Saturation is an urban and rural missions training designed to equip you with the required theory, best practice and spiritual principles to succeed in modern day missions and outreach. This is achieved through understanding how Kingdom principles apply to all aspects of life including meeting a practical, spiritual, relational, and financial need.

The urban and rural training is split up into two years with equipping and training for the respective side of missions.

The first four months for each course comprise both theoretical learning and practical equipping within the classroom, followed by assignments and opportunities to serve and get involved with local community projects.

After that, the rural team will continue their practical equipping as part of an established resource church in South Africa, where the students are given further opportunity to apply all they have learned.

At the same time, the urban team are sent to a local church in Ukraine to support, love and serve the body and community by being mature sons and daughters in Christ.

Throughout the course, the students undergo consistent feedback and evaluation to maximise the application of the training received throughout the course.

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Connecting with church family at 'Light for the World' celebrations on Sunday and a picnic by the Danube on Monday. We are loving making new friends here in Reni and having a whole lot of fun in the process.

2 months ago

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It was a privilege to be at the Love Reni Gala Night last night and to join in celebrating the creativity of the young people here in Reni. Amazing expressions of creativity in film as the school students acknowledged and honored local heroes in their town. And we're proud of our TC students who performed in the evening and contributed to a brilliant evening!

2 months ago

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Term 3 has kicked off with a bang! Looking forward to impacting nations as our students gear up for numerous missions both local and abroad... #adventure #discipleship #missions

2 months ago

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Discover why you were created and how to take steps in a lifetime filled with adventure... applications open now! #adventureawaits #adventurediscipleshipmissions

3 months ago

So proud of our wonderful, amazing, fun, crazy, nation shakers! Well done Class of 2015 - 2016! We are so uber proud of you and excited for what God has in store for you next! ...

11 months ago

Testimony Tuesday:

What an incredible six months I've had at Koinonia Church in Modimolle, South Africa. I've been so blessed to be welcomed into the Koinonia family and was really made to feel at home. People generously opened up their hearts and homes to us as a Saturation Team and we really appreciated it. We are so grateful for all the different meals, treats and adventures we were part of. We were privileged to be involved in lots of different projects and meet many amazing people, so many people have stolen into our hearts, it was very hard to say goodbye. There were plenty of lessons Father wanted me to learn and one of the most important was about the power of team. What an incredible blessing to be part of a diverse team and benefit and learn from others strengths and talents. The security of knowing you are not in it alone and always have someone watching out for you and supporting you through the challenging times as well as always having family with you to laugh with. So much more can be achieved through team and so much more fun is to be had. What an absolute blessing to be part of this incredible Saturation Team!!

Anne Cairns

12 months ago

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