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Saturation School of Missions has undergone a radical facelift to create an excellent environment that enables students to gain a real understanding of 21 Century missions in developed and developing countries.

Saturation is an urban and rural missions training course designed to equip you with the practical, theoretical and spiritual skills required to succeed in modern day missions and outreach. This is achieved through learning Kingdom principles that apply to all aspects of life whether spiritual, relational, financial or the meeting of practical needs.

The urban and rural training is split up into two years with equipping and training for the respective side of missions.

The first four months for each course comprise both theoretical learning and practical equipping within the classroom, followed by assignments and opportunities to serve and get involved with local community projects.

After that, the rural team will continue their practical equipping as part of an established resource church in South Africa, where the students are given further opportunity to apply all they have learned.

At the same time, the urban team are sent to a local church in Ukraine to support, love and serve the body and community by being mature sons and daughters in Christ.

Throughout the course, the students undergo consistent feedback and evaluation to maximise the application of the training received throughout the course.

The heart of Saturation is to train up and release mature men and women who accurately represent and reflect their Heavenly Father, and have the passion and skill to see individuals and communities transformed by His Kingdom principles.

This course is reserved for people who have already completed one of the other Training Centre courses ensuring you will be alongside people who already have a proven character.

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