The course has 3 phases. The 1st phase will take place in Maidstone, United Kingdom within the Jubilee Training Centre environment. The 2nd phase will take place in Modimolle (Nylstroom), South Africa or in Reni, Ukraine – respective to the rural or urban side of the course.

The 3rd and final phase will be back in Maidstone for a mission debrief and assessment including graduation.


Phase 1

Theory Training

At the start of each course the students travel to a different location for orientation. This is an exceptional time where friendships are forged and team is built. Saturation’s flexible tailor-made approach produces a unique course each year that is adapted to the needs of the individual and the flavour of the group dynamic.

Because Saturation is potentially a 2-year course, the theoretical part looks different for the rural and the urban team.

Rural missions equipping:

The course is broken down into 7 modules, each providing a block of theory which is then followed up by practical application and assessment.

Module 1 Walking as a son

Module 2 Introduction to Missions

Module 3 Spiritual Preparation for Missions

Module 4 Foundational Mission Preparation

Module 5 Cross Cultural Communication

Module 6 Introduction to Primary Health Care

Module 7 Outdoor Survival Skills

The students are required to read a number of books during the year and submit written assignments. They take an exam at the end of these four months about all the theory visited.


Urban missions equipping:

Students can only do the urban side if they have done the rural side. So with a foundation of the seven modules, the urban equipping goes into more specific training.

Cross Cultural Communication (specifically for Ukraine)

Ukrainian history

Russian language

Human trafficking

Urban poverty

Teaching English as a second language

Involvement in homeless shelters


The first 4 months of classroom training is full time and non-residential from Monday to Friday. The taking part in extra practical equipping, community projects and local missions is required in addition to the lectures. Phase 1 runs from September to the beginning of January.



Phase 2

Phase 2 looks different for both teams. Each team goes on a unique and exciting international mission from mid-January to June. During this perod, the bulk of the theory is put into practice.


Practical training – 5 Months Mission to Modimolle, South Africa

Based in an existing resource Church and Training Centre, you will live on site with your leaders and from there have involvement with existing community outreach programs and the pioneering of new projects locally and internationally.

The projects include:

Orphan Houses

Aids (HIV) clinics

Schools work amongst the underprivileged

Township outreach

Sports ministries

Youth Camp facilitating

Short-term mission to a neighbouring African country

Building projects

Hospital projects


The Koinonia Training Centre base is ideally situated in the centre of Modimolle, at a 10-minute distance from the Church building. You will live here alongside other training centre students and operate under the covering of Koinonia Resource Church eldership.


Practical training – 5 Months Mission to Reni, Ukraine

As a support to the lead couple of the Church in Reni, you will be living in the house behind theirs. Your main role and objective is to support and serve them in the different ministries within the Church and the local community.

You will be mainly involved with the Church, e.g.: youth, worship, a Kindergarten run by the Church, home groups.

As a team, you will also run a business that provides courses to teach people English, which will serve the additional purpose of providing finances for various people and projects in the community.



Phase 3

Debrief and evaluation

Phase 3, one of the most important parts of the course, is when we assess the quality of the students’ work and the practical knowledge and experience gained.

The year ends with a special Graduation Banquet and Ceremony weekend at the Jubilee Training Centre.

Saturation School of Missions offers accredited subjects towards a SATS degree.

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