Student Testimonies

United Kingdom Lisa Brook – UK 
Lisa BrookIf you had asked me a couple of years ago whether I saw myself being involved in missions work and community development, I would have said NO and probably laughed at you because at that point I didn’t see my life going in that direction; yes I had a heart for people but didn’t see myself as a ‘missionary’. However, having stepped out in obedience and embracing Saturation School of Missions I have watched God do so much in me and through me. He has surpassed all my expectations and more. He has revealed in me a heart for communities that I didn’t know was there, He has grown the passion that is in me for people and to see them living life to the full. I have seen God grow my capacity through the different activities and assignments that we were involved in and my leadership skills broadened through leading and co-leading different events that Saturation School of Missions were involved in such as the week long Children’s Holiday Club in Cardiff. This course has given me a different perspective on what ‘missions’ is; it’s not just going abroad for a couple of weeks, it is being involved wherever you find yourself, whether at work, at school, in your street/neighbourhood, wherever you are that is your ‘mission’ field. Saturation School of Missions can benefit anyone; it equips you practically to work into the community, whether locally, nationally or internationally. I can’t recommend this course enough! It has changed me and impacted me in so many ways and it can do the same for you. Go for it!

United KingdomGreat_Britain Paul Kloppers – SA
Paul KloppersDoing Saturation School of missions was one of the best decisions I have made. During this year, God placed a new passion for His Kingdom in my heart and He showed me that it is not only about having eternal life with Him through Jesus, but He also wants to establish order in every aspect of my life.  Then, He can use me to carry this message of hope to the different environments He sends me to..

United Kingdom Alice Buckley – UK
Alice BuckleyI learnt so much about God, myself and other people from doing Saturation School of Missions. I have always had a desire to travel and see different parts of the world, I love being a part of cultures that are so diverse to mine. The course really helped me understand different cultures and ways of living and through this God showed me that the way I think and do things is not always the best way. There is so much you can learn from other nations. I also gained a lot of confidence through preaching and leading different activities. Through group work and missions I learnt what my strengths and weaknesses are. God used this to develop my character and help me overcome fears in my life. I really want to be able to help people in the developing world with their physical needs. Through doing this course I have learnt practical ways that I can help and assist people. Part of the course undertaken was primary healthcare. This gave me a big interest in health and caring for people and God used this to get me into nursing. It was a challenging year, but so worth it!

United KingdomGreat_BritainBen Doggett – UK
Ben DoggettRomans 8:19 tells us that all creation waits in eager anticipation for the revealing of the sons of God. Through Saturation I have not only discovered more of what this looks like but I have been able to practically experience it. I have had the privilege of previously being part of both Year of Training and School of the Word and these schools provided a great platform for the further equipping in missions work that Saturation offers. In Saturation I discovered more of God’s heart for the nations and learnt the necessary practical skills to be able to restore His order in communities. The course opened my eyes to a world that is desperately waiting for those who are led by the Spirit of God to stand up and take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. It then opened a door for me to play a part in seeing this accomplished.


Belgium Kaat Doggett – Belgium 
Kaat VanhyfteThrough Saturation God has shown me a lot about 1 Corinthians 13:3 where Paul speaks about ‘having love’. I believe it is one thing loving someone when they love you back, it is another thing loving someone who you have not met before. Throughout the courses on Saturation God changed my heart in such a way that I believe I have a love for people I have not met before; people of a different culture and a different background. I believe God has placed a purpose inside of all of us and I want to love people enough to go the extra mile to see God develop that purpose in people, communities and nations. I believe that through Saturation God gave me a new reason for doing things. I cannot just love the King and His kingdom without loving His people. The reason why I want to go out and represent the King and His kingdom is because I love His people!

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