When is the course?

Saturation is a full time course running over an academic year starting in September with graduation in July.

Phase 1 (Non Residential lectures) – Lectures will take place Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and some weekends will include practical training. Extra income can be earned by working part time in the evenings.

Phase 2 (Residential International Mission) – The hours will be flexible based on the needs that are to be met. There will not be the opportunity to work part time. Midway through Phase 2 the students will have a 3 week break and the opportunity to travel around South Africa or Ukraine.

There are generally two sets of holidays throughout the year.  The first runs mid December to early January, this holiday would be in the UK. The second holiday runs during April and would either be in South Africa or Ukraine.

“If you tread paths that no one has ever trodden, you will arrive in places that no one has ever been. Treading new paths is never easy. On the contrary, it is always fraught with obstacles. But that is how new ground is won, new discoveries made.” Matt Roper

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