Student Testimonies

MalaysiaMichel Ong – Creative Arts Academy 
michel ongGod has shown me that life is not just about making a living, or surviving, or just going through the motions, or just living your life with no purpose and no dreams. But life is about living it to the full, it’s about giving it your best shot, it’s about living with a purpose and dreaming dreams. God has really opened my eyes to what life is all about. It is about living it to the fullest, by enjoying every moment whether it seems hard or easy and when it is all fun and games or when it’s time to be serious. He is taking me on a wonderful adventure of discovering what life is suppose to be about through His eyes. And it is absolutely great and fantastic to be able to walk this new path with family around me.

United KingdomGreat_BritainBen Doggett – Saturation School of Missions
Ben DoggettRomans 8:19 tells us that all creation waits in eager anticipation for the revealing of the sons of God. Through Saturation I have not only discovered more of what this looks like but I have been able to practically experience it. I have had the privilege of previously being part of both Year of Training and School of the Word and these schools provided a great platform for the further equipping in missions work that Saturation offers. In Saturation I discovered more of God’s heart for the nations and learnt the necessary practical skills to be able to restore his order in communities. The course opened my eyes to a world that is desperately waiting for those who are led by the Spirit of God to stand up and take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. It then opened a door for me to play a part in seeing this accomplished.

United KingdomGreat_BritainTanja Bailey – Year of Training 
Tanja BaileyI was really worried about going on the European mission as I didn’t think I had anything to give and would just be a burden. I didn’t know what part I had to play. Also I had never been on mission before so I didn’t really know what I should do or how to be. I quickly learnt that I just had to be me! God really showed me my part in the team. I loved being a blessing but felt even more blessed by those we where blessing and it”s an experience I will never forget. One evening in Krakow in Poland we went to get a take away and we ended up playing Ultimate Ninja in the Market Square, and loads of people joined in. It was immense! The best part was there was a long line of us doing the Conga, along to bongo music,around the statue in the centre of the market square too. We were bringing life and it was amazing and it really showed me what it means to bring life and Kingdom. I’m glad I didn’t allow the enemy to rob me of this experience, I faced my fears by going on mission instead of trying to withdraw like I  have always done. Praise God for the victories!

United KingdomGreat_BritainKatie Rowbotham – Creative Arts Academy 
katie rowbothamSo far this term I have learnt to constantly look for opportunities to serve. I have learnt heaps of information in my lectures but often when I walk out of a lecture, the principles I have learnt in the lecture just stay head knowledge. It is in practice where the principles I get from lectures drop from my head into my heart. I want to encourage you to not let principles that you learn to remain head knowledge, get out there and look for an opportunity to put it into practice.

United Kingdom Jonathan Lockwood– Young Entrepreneurs Business School

God has shown me that attitude is key. Whether you’re tired, unwell or overwhelmed, you still have the choice in how you will respond, and that your response will influence those around you – good or bad. For me, it’s constantly keeping in mind the purpose and bigger picture and not going down a road of being inward looking, focussing on myself too much.

United KingdomGreat_BritainHannah Boulton – Year of Training 
Hannah BoltonBefore beginning the Year of Training course, I had been through a long battle of choosing between university and this course (YOT). I’m so glad I am here now, and I know that God has put me here for a reason. During these first few weeks of this new chapter in my life, God has been showing me new things every day. One of the main things that have been highlighted to me is that God loves me not for what I do, but for who I am  and I am learning to strip away all the things by which I define myself, and discover who I am underneath all the labels, and find out who God made me to be. YOT has provided a platform for God to work in my life and so far the journey has been full of highs and lows, but God has been my rock throughout, and I’m getting to know Him as my Father. This is a season of my life where I know I will be grown and refined by Him.

GermanyDaniela Helfrich – School of the Word 
Daniela Helfrich“Did one day of creation really have 24 hours?”
“Is it biblical to have women in an eldership position of a church?”
“What does Jesus say about the kingdom?”
“Can Christians lose their salvation?”
“How did Paul plant churches?”

When I started School of the Word, I had an opinion on most of these as well as other questions. I had read something, I had heard someone teach on it…I got it from somewhere. What other people think might be good, but maybe not a good foundation for my life. Of course, I do need a teachable heart and a good preacher in my church but I can’t get away with just adopting other peoples opinion and hope that the storms of life will not hit my little house. Fact is: storms will come; fact is: they will hit hard and fact is: if my life has not be built on the word of God – the rock that will never change – I will find out quickly that my house was built on the wrong foundations. Nice location maybe, great view, but unfortunately a beach full of fine sand.

School of the Word has not answered all my questions but it has given me more ground to stand on – solid, strong and unshakable. And I will ask and study and pray that God will build my life on the rock more and more. Building is hard work sometimes but it is worth it. Just imagine one very stormy day of my life I will look out of the window of my house and know this: it can’t be shaken, it is safe. Built on the One who is the Word Himself. And just imagine one very stormy day of my life my house will be able to be a shelter for those whose houses have just collapsed above their heads – homeless souls, wandering along a beach full of sand, desperate for a safe place. Yes, building might be hard work, but it is worth it, for more than just me.

United KingdomGreat_BritainNicky Kendall – School of the Word
nikky kendallThe amazing thing that has struck me about coming to do a course like School of the Word is that, as you align yourself with God and press into knowing Him more and more, He will use not only the course, but all the things in your life to reinforce what He is teaching you.  I have been fascinated to see how many times the messages of the books have been reflected in my everyday circumstances.  He does not just want to fill our heads with more knowledge but fill our hearts with Him, a true understanding of who He is so we can become who we are meant to be. But this message is not just for us.  More and more I can see He is showing us glimpses, starting right from Genesis, of the big picture: what God intended, what has gone wrong and how He is bringing restoration. When we understand this and let His Kingdom reign in our lives, then His life can truly come to those around us.

South AfriicaChristie Koekemoer – School of the Word
kristy koekemoerIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1)

God is POWERFUL, and naturally it would stand to reason that the Word is POWERFUL. This year I have experienced the power of the Word first-hand. My desire in conducting the year was not to become Bible-savvy and rack in points if ever I found myself at a Bible quiz, but to genuinely seek God and learn more about Him and His ways through His Word. I can safely, and joyfully, say that this has been accomplished. I have been presented with a God who has challenged all my previous mind-sets and paradigms that were safely (and comfortably) in place.

The added bonus is that I have found my mind has become renewed through the power of the Word (Romans 12:2). My thinking patterns have changed and I have found my perspective to be more and more in alignment with His ways. My Spirit has also become far more discerning between the ways of the world and the ways of the Spirit (Romans 8). Above all, I have found that my God is an awesome God, He cannot be put in a box, limited, or even defined – at least not by human standards. He is set apart.

The really exciting part is that a renewed mind leads to transformation, and upon concluding the course I feel I am much better equipped to go out and continue upon a path that will lead to the progressive transformation of my character so that I become more like Him, and more effective for Him.

United KingdomGreat_BritainHannah Liversedge – Year of Training 

Hannah LiversedgeBeginning YOT in September was the realisation of a dream for me; I had wanted to do the course since I was young. However, no amount of anticipation could have prepared me for the amazing things God has done. Before the year, I was very much enslaved by fear, particularly fear of man. I was at the point where even having a conversation with somebody would make me panicky and nauseous. However, throughout the past couple of months, Jesus has been radically transforming me. I have always been afraid of my peers, yet, due to living in community with the other students, it is impossible to avoid talking to people. Through this environment, God has given me so much more confidence, making me able to better follow His will in my life. I am now able to interact with people, being able to build friendships that glorify Him, and I can only look forward to the rest of the year with excitement.

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