Student Testimonies

United Kingdom Charlie Dyer, KPMG, London – UK

CharlieSince completing my year at YEBS, I have been working for KPMG’s Indirect Tax department. My current role mainly consists of providing tax advisory services to a wide range of KPMG’s clients in the FS market (i.e. Banks, Insurance Companies/Brokers).  One of the biggest principles I learnt at YEBS (which I use daily!), is ensuring I do everything in excellence and with a positive attitude.  It is easy in the environment I’m in to complain about the ‘boring’ tasks or only do a half-hearted attempt in situations not directly benefiting myself, however I have seen so much fruit in applying myself 100% in everything – and my good attitude and enthusiasm were included as my top strengths during my FY14 year-end reviews!

United Kingdom Jonathan Lockwood, Director of Ahuvi Photography

JOnathanCreativity is my passion. I’m a photographer and thoroughly enjoy capturing life moments, be it at a wedding, family or couple’s photo-shoot. But when it came to business I was lacking something very important – confidence. Through my time at YEBS, I learnt many principles which I’ve been able to apply. I’ve learnt there’s a bigger picture to just making money and a purpose, vision and strategy in business can demonstrate God’s glory through the way we do things, like those little things that differentiate us.
With so many principles learnt in that one year it would be hard to list them all but summed up in one word, YEBS has given me CONFIDENCE!

United Kingdom Sarah Bryant – UK

YEBS brings a new life to the business world and is challenging my thinking by showing me how Jesus and the bible do business, learning from past experience through testimony and biblical stories.


United Kingdom Dee Campbell – UK

On Sunday 9th September the Young Entrepreneurs Business School set off on orientation not knowing where we were going or what to expect. I was nervous to begin with but also from past experience knew that we were in safe hands. This proved to be true as I had a fantastic two weeks and yes I was challenged but most certainly not broken.

During the first week we looked at the areas of social, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial based on Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and man.” We did different activities such as water skiing, running, business challenges, reading a few books and solitude time. God used each area to really speak to me and showed me many things about myself and business. I learned through trying to light a disposable barbeque with only one match that in business you may fail but that doesn’t make you a failure. Through water skiing, I learned that it is important to approach business like a terrier and never give up. Water skiing did not come naturally to me but I gave my best shot and after 3 or 4 tries finally managed to get up on the skis.

In the second week researched what the Bible has to say about finance and running a business according to its principles and guidelines. We approached it by studying Abraham, Proverbs, the Letters and Jesus. I realised that the Word has lot to say about finance and felt like we only scratched the surface. What I took away from it was that it’s important to know what the Word says about finance but it’s even more important to apply it.

Zimbabwe Michael Lindenberg – Kings Reach, Maidstone

MichaelSince leaving YEBS, I have moved on from being in a job where I just pitched up to work each day, to now working somewhere which I feel is actually making a difference, no matter what I do each day! I am now working at Kings Reach and have been since graduating from YEBS. This is actually where I was placed during our work week on YEBS! Who would have guessed! I am involved in a few different areas from Teaching Assistant to Market Research as well as Business Development… I never dreamt I would be involved in something like this and if it wasn’t for covering modules at YEBS like ‘Its Not about The Money’, where I actually realised what my true passions are, I probably never would have had the much needed kick onto the right path. Through all I learnt over the year, one key thing I now make sure of is that I don’t default to just accepting anything that is not in God’s plan for my life!

United Kingdom Joshua Brook-Child – Screwfix, Maidstone

JoshThere was so much that I learnt over my year at YEBS, but one thing specifically was serving at Celebrate Maidstone.  Our brief was to sell advertisement slots and seek sponsorship for a new business directory aimed at sponsorship towards the event.  I thought I was going to be ok at and it wasn’t going to be a challenge for me, but it was!  Over the weeks I had a lot of ‘no’s’ and I became more and more despondent.  Our team leader over that project came alongside me and really helped me. Because of this, I have learnt the importance of having a team around you, but not just a team, the right team! I would recommend YEBS as it is much more than just learning about business and will exceed anyone’s expectations, it did mine!

United Kingdom Esther Simmons – Snapbros and YEBS core team member

EstherMy time at Young Entrepreneurs Business School has become a far longer experience of learning than I expected!  In my first year, we were given many opportunities to be part of real life business projects, but the biggest and most significant one was pioneering a real life business where, as a group of students, we had to formulate and pitch a business plan to a small team of investors. I loved being part of a business start-up and I wanted to stay on at YEBS as core leadership of (particularly) the business, seeing it grow and continue to become established. It has been a learning roller-coaster and so exciting seeing something grow from the very beginning to where it is now. Along the way I have learnt so much about project managing and the importance of maintaining balance to see success come in every area of life – not just your work life/career!  At every step I have seen what it means to seek the Kingdom first in everything and how that looks practically when making business decisions.  I would highly recommend YEBS as I have learnt far more than I set out to learn.



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