Course Overview

Year of Training is a leadership course with a difference!…a unique and dynamic year of preparation for life and ministry. Not only does it include biblical and theoretical teaching, it also focuses on character and leadership development.

The year is geared towards maturing your faith as an individual and as part of a team, establishing knowledge and understanding of biblical principles, the Word of God and fostering your relationship with the Father. There is equipping followed by practical application, ongoing discipleship as you share accommodation with your leaders and community living making Year of Training more than just your average Bible School…it’s a true foundation for life.

We first prepare you by looking at personal wholeness and biblical foundations. Highlights include a two-week orientation on the Cornish coast, a Leadership Training School, the 48hour challenge and the Amazing Race. Next we prepare you to take the message into the community. Courses include Master Management, Principles of Preaching, Creative Arts as well as two community projects; the Jubilee Kids Club and the Fashion Weekend. Finally we equip you to lead. You will face your fears, understand poverty and go on local, national and international missions, with schools work, youth clubs, community events and practically serving local churches.

You only have one life. Make it count!

The world does not need any more gifted individuals, it needs mature disciples that have been measured and then trained to make a lasting impact on their sphere of influence. 

Year of Training forms part of the Jubilee Training Centre Degree Program.

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