Year of Training is broken up into three terms that each focuses on different and complimentary areas of student growth. The model that we use to see the most effective growth in individuals is what we read Jesus does with his disciples throughout His ministry:

  1. Teaching – giving the biblical foundation and principles relating to all areas of life and ministry.
  2. Practical application – presenting opportunities to put into practice what was learnt.
  3. Evaluation and correction – feedback is critical to bring change in areas where practice is not according to the principles taught.

Year of Training is tailored to the group as well as to the individual. We therefore do not run a rigid and repetitive programme. Throughout the year the group dynamics, as well as your requirements, change; these changes form a vital part of your character growth. Basic term breakdown below:

Preparing you the messenger

  • Undoing the student’s false perception of God, faith, him/herself, church and others
  • Building solid and accurate foundations in the student’s life
  • Looking at and dealing with the past, giving God room to bring wholeness in every area of life
  • Expanding the student’s personal capacity
  • Showing the student how to build family and foster community

Preparing you to share the message

  • Dance, drama and the visual and performing arts
  • Public speaking and preaching
  • Church ministry: Friday youth clubs, kids church, worship, community outreach, etc.
  • Community projects such as: fashion show, kids club, schools work, various outreach events, etc.
  • Fundraising

Preparing you to lead

  • Church life, ministry, youth work
  • Life direction and guidance
  • Missions locally, nationally and internationally
  • Market place influence

Theological and Topical Modules:

  • Leadership Training School
  • Biblical foundations
  • Fathering and Sonship
  • Kingdom of God
  • New Testament Survey
  • Bait of Satan
  • Freedom in Christ
  • Spirit, soul and body
  • Sin, iniquity, transgression, curses
  • Positioned for blessing and personal identity
  • Godly relationships
  • Intimacy with the Father
  • Two SATS subjects
  • Book readings

Theological and Topical Modules:

  • Project Management
  • Homiletics (principles of preaching)
  • Hermeneutics (interpreting scripture)
  • Public speaking
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Religions and Cults
  • Biblical servanthood
  • New Testament Survey
  • Financial Freedom
  • Praise and Worship
  • Two SATS subjects
  • Book readings

Theological and Topical Modules:

  • Biblical Worldview
  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Missions Training – Fear, poverty, evangelism, prayer and deliverance
  • Church Government
  • Cell Leader Training
  • Book Readings

Life and Christianity have a practical outworking, and it is important that theory be constantly related to real life application. This model is implemented throughout the year please see practical training for a full overview of equipping.

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