Lectures take place Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm. Mondays are set-aside for SATS subjects, Saturdays, and evenings are seen as ‘low key’ time, studying, working on assignments and getting involved in Jubilee Church life.

Practical Training

Extra practical equipping, community projects and missions will take place in the evenings and in addition to lecture times. You will be advised of these dates in advance.

Living in Community
Students and staff live together at the Jubilee Training Centre Residence which creates a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. We share three meals a day together and every morning there is personal time with God and corporate worship. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are set aside for house duties. As we live in community the house is run as a family and we all work together in sharing duties as well as having fun, studying, exercising and sharing in life together.

Lectures take place at the Jubilee Auditorium in Maidstone.

The course runs over one academic year starting in September with graduation in July.

There are generally two sets of holidays throughout the year.  The first runs mid December to early January and the second holiday runs during April.

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