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This is what some of our past students have to say…

Netherlands Henri Konijn – Netherlands
Henri Photo TestimonyI first met the Year of Training students while on their missions trip in the Netherlands. The reason I did Year of Training was because of the freedom and life that I saw demonstrated in lives of the students. In my Year of Training God brought me from a place of independence to place of interdependence with firstly Father God and secondly His body (the Church). Through this there was a desire in my heart to be part of something that was bigger than myself. God didn’t purpose my life to be hidden away and to work hard in a corner. God purposed me to be part of His Church and to achieve things, not by myself, but with Him and through other people.

South Afriica Danie Smit – South Africa
My name is Danie Smit. I live in Modimolle, South Africa. I grew up in Johannesburg and use to manage a few companies. I thought I knew a lot about leadership. When I got married my wife and I had a plan for our lives, but God had a different plan. God called us to be house parents for Year Of Training. The journey looked very different to what I thought it would. On my Year of Training I realized I had a big performance mentality because of my corporate mindset. I did not understand family or fathering. Being a leader means you are fathering someone and being a father means you need to care and shepherd people. I did not understand that. When I made mistakes I was a failure in my eyes and did not understand Gods grace and love. I did not understand that God loves me for who and I’m and not how much I can do. Being a son means that you will make mistakes and know you are loved. We will always be sons of God, but God can give us the hearts of fathers to love the ones we lead and to show them Gods heart. The way we look at our earthly fathers can change the view we have about Father God. Year of Training was the vehicle that showed me Gods father heart for me. It’s still a journey I walk every day, knowing that I am loved and that my God is a Father that is faithful. I have seen His faithfulness as we pioneered the school in South Africa and we see the fruit of Gods work in people. I also thank God for the spiritual fathers on Year of Training that carried the heart of God and showed me Gods will and love for me.

United Kingdom James Carew – UK
Before starting YOT, my view of it was very much that it was basically a bible college based around lectures on theology. Whilst we do study theology it is actually just a part of the course. Just as important is the developing of my character into one which will enable me to face life. Doing completely crazy things like jumping off rocks into the sea, doing night hikes, running a kids club and fashion show all combine to challenge my character and causes it to mature. Having the leaders on tap is fantastic and allows you to learn from them 24 hours a day. Living on my own for the last 10 years meant that moving into the YOT house with 20 others was a shock but it has helped me to grow and form relationships, “rubbing corners off each other”. Part of me wishes I had done YOT when I was 18 as I would have avoided so many of my mistakes but there again, I am actually getting a lot more out of the course now because of all my experiences over the last few years which gives me more focus. I would absolutely recommend YOT to anyone who wants to go further with God, wants to get direction for their life and have a great year!

United Kingdom Josh Pattison – UK

Josh Dislpay PicYear Of Training 2011/12 was one of those life-changing years never to be forgotten. God took me on a process of understanding His Father heart and how, as a Son, I have a mandate to further His Kingdom.

It was only after I had finished the course and working full time in the marketplace that I realised the significance of this mandate and saw just how many people in the world need to hear the message of the Kingdom. Through the skills taught on my year I have begun making an impact in my workplace, demonstrating a different way of living that goes against the norm, full of life, purpose and hope. It is His power working through me that will change lives and I won’t be satisfied until that is fulfilled. God’s not finished, He’s only just begun.

United Kingdom Joseph Pattison – UK

Its hard to put into a short paragraph what happened on the year 2013-2014. All I can really say is that my life has never been the same since. God took me on a process of defining my character and stripping me right back to the core in order to show me who I really am. Hard questions were asked, tough decisions were made, but little did I know that God was planting seeds in my life that I benefit from even today. My biggest encouragement from what I have learnt is to never take your eyes off of the true Father no matter what. Only He can guide you through those dark days, and the good ones too. This course has taken my faith and brought it down to a real level, allowing me to apply it in the world today with joy. I am only really scratching the surface here, but that is just a small snippet of the transformation that happened in my life on year of training. May it be the year that began the greatest journey.  

“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17


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